Pmomo: Projection Mapping on Movable 3D Object

We introduce Pmomo (acronym of projection mapping on movable object), a dynamic projection mapping system that tracks the 6-DOF position of real-world object, and shades it with virtual 3D contents by projection. The system can precisely lock the projection on the moving object in real-time, even the one with complex geometry. Based on depth camera, we developed a novel and robust tracking method that samples the structure of the object into low-density point cloud, then performs an adaptive searching scheme for the registration procedure. As a fully interactive system, our method can handle both internal and external complex occlusions, and can quickly track back the object even when losing track. In order to further improve the realism of the projected virtual textures, our system innovatively culls occlusions away from projection, which is achieved by a facet-covering method. As a result, the Pmomo system enables the possibility of new interactive Augmented Reality applications that require high-quality dynamic projection effect.

Publication: Zhou Y, Xiao S, Tang N, et al. Pmomo: projection mapping on movable 3D object[C]//Proceedings of the 2016 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. 2016: 781-790.

Preprint PDF: Pmomo.pdf



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