Rectangular Mapping-based Foveated Rendering

Jiannan Ye1, Anqi Xie1, Susmjia Jabbireddy2, Yunchuan Li2, Xubo Yang1*, Xiaoxu Meng3*

1:DALAB, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
2:University of Maryland, College Park
3:Tencent Games Digital Content Technology Center
*:Corresponding Authors


With the speedy increase of display resolution and the demand for interactive frame rate, rendering acceleration is becoming more critical for a wide range of virtual reality applications. Foveated rendering addresses this challenge by rendering with a non-uniform resolution for the display. Motivated by the non-linear optical lens equation, we present rectangular mapping-based foveated rendering (RMFR), a simple yet effective implementation of foveated rendering framework. RMFR supports varying level of foveation according to the eccentricity and the scene complexity. Compared with traditional foveated rendering methods, rectangular mapping-based foveated rendering provides a superior level of perceived visual quality while consuming minimal rendering cost.