Real-time horizon-based reflection occlusion

Reflection occlusion(RO) method can yield the self-occluded effect when using environment maps to produce a reflection scene. In most modern renderers the common approaches to achieve RO are the ray-trace method and the static reflection maps method. We pro- pose screen-space reflection occlusion(SSRO) method to compute RO in screen-space like screen-space ambient occlusion in [Bavoil et al. 2008] and screen-space directional occlusion in [Ritschel et al. 2009]. Our different strategies for both calculating the occlusion value and sampling in the depth image enable SSRO to calculate RO in real-time and to deal with dynamic scenes, variational lighting environments and changing views.

Publication: Xin Zhao, and Xubo Yang. “Real-time horizon-based reflection occlusion.” In ACM SIGGRAPH ASIA 2009 Sketches, 2009.

Preprint PDF: Real-time horizon-based reflection occlusion.pdf


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