Jie Tan

Master Candidate of Computer Science
Digital Art Laboratory
Shanghai Jiao Tong University


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Computer Science Department
Shanghai Jiaotong University
Room. 5216 SoftWare Buiding
Shanghai, China, 200240

Lab: +86-21-34204257
CellPhone: +86-13816295082
Email: jietan_002@sjtu.edu.cn

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My Advisor: Yang Xubo
My Start-up Company: 3diya

Brief Bio

Jie Tan received his Bachelor Degree in Computer Science from Shanghai Jiaotong University(SJTU) in 2006. He was honored to continue his study for Master Degree with the entrance examination waived. Jie Tan entered Ubisoft Game Company as an intern 3D graphics/game engine engineer in 2005 and 2006. During the internship period, he successfully received screen credit in three titles: Ghost Recon Advanced War Fighter PS2, Ghost Recon Advanced War Fighter Xbox and Brother in Arms D-Day PSP. Due to his excellent performance, he achieved extremely high evaluations from the producer and colleagues. Currently, Jie Tan is the leader of computer graphics group in the Digital Art Laboratory in SJTU, researching on physically based animation and real-time global illumination. At the same time, he founded a start-up company http://www.3diya.com with his friends and works as the CTO. 3diya is a website embeded with the cool 3D virtual reality technologies, which enables the customers who want to decorate their homes to design beforehand virtually.


Research Interests

Computer graphics, physically-based animations, game programming, real-time rendering, global illumination, computational fluid dynamics and numerical algorithms.


Recent Projects

Fluid Animation with Multi-layer Grids (with Xubo Yang, Xin Zhao, Zhanxin Yang and Lifeng Wang)
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3diya Project (with Kaichen Xu, Xiaozhen Chen and Yinliu Chen)
Ghost Recon Advanced War Fighter on Xbox and PS2 (in Ubisoft)
Brother in Arms D-Day on PSP (in Ubisoft)


Jie Tan and Xubo Yang. "Fluid Animations: A Survey", Science in China (in press).
Jie Tan, Xubo Yang, Xin Zhao and Zhanxin Yang. "Fluid Animation with Multi-layer Grids" (Poster), ACM SIGGRAPH/Eurographics Symposium of Computer Animation 2008, Dublin.



Source code of an optimized SPD linear solver (MIC(0) PCG method according to Chapter 4 of "Fluid Simulation for Computer Graphics").
Shadow mapping tutorial with OpenGL for the students of course "Game Engine Programming".


Reading Books

My favorite fluid animation researcher: Robert Bridson's book on fluid simulation for computer graphics. It gives a comprehensive introduction ranging from the fundamentals of fluid animation to the cutting-edge simulation techniques. I like Professor Bridson's writing style of this book. He used a lot of examples, analogies to clarify the abstruse mathematical concepts and presented pseudocodes to give the readers direct instructions on implementation. I love the footnotes in the book. They are the tips and guidelines of writing a fluid simulation program. Please visit http://www.cs.ubc.ca/~rbridson/fluidbook/ to get more informations about the book.

This book gives a brief and gental introduction to CFD (computational fluid dynamics), including derivation of equations, grid generation, FDM, FEM and FVM. I have read a variety of books introducing CFD and I find this one is the most appropriate for me. Since I major in computer science, with little background in fluid dynamics, I need a book which requires little prerequisite in fluid dynamics. So this book serves as a perfect bridge which connects the computer science, especially the numerical algorithms with the fluid dynamics. I hope that this book can provide me with deeper understandings in fluid behavor and lend me some ideas about how to make faster and more realistic fluid effects.

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SCA 2008 in Dublin

It is my honor to meet them, discuss my work with them and learn from them.

Jos Stam and I
UBC team and I
Adam Bargteil and I
Michiel van de Panne and I
Nils Thuerey and I

Beauty of Fluids (Gathered from bbs.sjtu.edu.cn)


Beauty of Fractals (Gathered from xiaonei.com)